Thursday, 25 September 2014

Social Media Training For Your Workplace, School, Charity Or Community Group

With the whole world tuned in to all digital media, it is important that both parents and their children understand their digital footprint. We all know how the online activity of Paris Brown, the first Youth Police and Crime Commissioner, damaged her first career opportunity by using language within her online social profiles that was part of her every day vocabulary.

It is imperative that we educate each generation about the permanency of their online activity, especially as the teenagers of today and tomorrow have never known a world without internet, instant online access or mobile technology. There are also parents who do not completely understand how their children’s online activity can affect their future.

In my session - Taking Control Of Your Digital Footprint - I address all of the above concerns plus more about ‘netiquette’, online anonymity, how far your social media updates can reach and how prospective employers will name-search their interviewees prior to offering them an interview.

Contact me for more information on delivering this session in your workplace, school, charity or community group. One-to-one sessions also available if required. I am based in Blackburn, Lancashire.

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